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combination of yoga and fascia work provides a new range of motion , increasing mobility and strength,

deepen knowledge of movement.

Fascialyoga workshop provides knowledge about fascia and how it effect movement and posture ,

experience new ranges of motion and flow within yoga asanas, 
deepen body awareness and intelligence.

Our workshops are about using fascial manipulation to restore alignment while increasing mobility and strength. 
Designed for yoga and all movements methods practitioners ,teachers, trainers of all kinds and anyone who wants to deepen his knowledge of movement .
background - Roy Londner
A manuel therapist with 15 years of learning and hands on experience, specialized in fascia and trigger point work. Inventor of Londner therapy and Fascial yoga.
The combination of yoga and fascial work gives an amazing results.

The range of motio grows instantly and the results are true and easy to attain once learned.
The tools are used by our students with their own clients and partners and are very effective in training
There is no need for former training
Everyone are welcomed and will benefit from the workshop​

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